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Growth & scaling

Scaling up your business or accelerating your production offers numerous opportunities, and our experienced experts are here to help you seize them

How we can help

Grow to the next level with support from our industry experts. 

Whether it’s introducing new technology, optimising your factory processes, or exploring new suppliers to help speed up your lead time and strengthen your supply chain, our experts span all areas of the manufacturing scaling up spectrum.

We’ll provide you with experienced trusted advisors to help shape your vision, de-mystify technology and reduce any risk, making it easier for you to take that next step.

Businesses that work with us benefit from reduced costs, more efficient workspaces, and faster delivery times.

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Our approach

A structured approach to growth & scaling:

Manufacturing growth strategy development
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Manufacturing growth strategy development

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand-new strategy, or simply looking to refine your existing one, our advisors will help. We’ll also look at whether it’s aligned with your current sales strategy and help create a more cohesive all-round approach. 

A trusted partner

  •  A versatile solution provider offering access to extensive business acumen, strategic expertise, and advanced technology awareness
  • In-depth knowledge of the UK funding landscape and a proven track record of unlocking funds for scaling businesses
  • Independent technology advisors with no affiliation to any particular company
  • Advanced Design & Build capability
  • State-of-the-art technological testing facilities – including a virtual platform for robot and autonomous systems start-ups to test/prove their products in conjunction with other research and technology organisations such as KTN, OREC & SatApps
  • Skills & training – we also provide a wide range of training for workforces so that new technology can be integrated
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Your questions answered

How can modelling be applied to help me plan the scale up of my manufacturing operations?

The MTC has expertise and experience in a range of manufacturing simulation tools, which can be used to de-risk changes to production. From basic static analysis to more granular Discrete Event Simulation the MTC can model future scenarios to ensure the facility design is fit for purpose.

Can Digital Twin technology support the scale up of my business?

I’m planning a new facility based upon my existing processes. Can the MTC help identify which new technologies could be implemented?

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