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Partnering with universities to transform cutting-edge research into tangible industry impact.

Who we work with

Academic engagement is at the very core of MTC.

Turning great ideas into innovation in the commercial world, requires great research. We work hand in hand with academia to prove and test ideas through early Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), using our knowledge and expertise to make sure they are viable in industry.

Universities work with MTC to get the opportunity to grow research teams, produce papers, and disseminate research activities. Collaborating with MTC engineers to advance research and utilising available equipment at the MTC can enhance credibility for funding applications and increase the chances of successful bids.

Universities have been the driving forces behind MTC from day one. We’re passionate about providing opportunities to academics from across the UK and beyond, and welcome the opportunity to forge new partnerships with more universities.


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Sponsored PhD/EngD projects

Low TRL research projects lasting three to four years.  Usually carried out at a university but can involve industrial placements. Provides the opportunity to gain manufacturing experience while working on real industry-focused challenges alongside engineers at MTC, with the chance to potentially be employed at MTC once complete.

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Researcher in Residence – Network+

EPSRC funds an academic from a non-founder university to work with MTC. Up to £50,000 available to the academic over a three-year period.  Provides funding for MTC in helping translation of research.  

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EnMERIT Awards

MTC co-funds a project proposal from an academic (up to £50,000 split between MTC and the university). A three to 12-month project aimed at TRL 3, 4, 5, and 6. Currently running with the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham. 

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EPSRC projects

MTC can serve as a partner for research projects, offering engagement and project steering. Our diverse skill set and adeptness in collaborating with various industrial businesses significantly enhance a project's likelihood of success.

Why our customers work with us

Maximising return on investment

Maximising ROI

Our unique combination of focused support and technology expertise can help accelerate time to market. MTC’s Tier 1 members often achieve up to a 10:1 return on every pound invested with us.

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De-risking strategic decisions

We’ll help with early-stage technology assessments to support capital investment decisions and help identify and implement the right solution for your organisation.

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Knowledge transfer

Our broad multi-sector network means we can help you take technology solutions developed in other industries and use them in new markets, resulting in innovative outcomes and a competitive advantage.

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True impartiality

We’re technology and vendor agnostic, so you can be assured the recommendations we give you are the right ones, with no preference given to existing affiliations​. 

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Working with MTC gives you access to unique collaborations in an environment where only ‘difficult’ challenges are tackled, at the same time as developing leading edge capability.

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