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MTC collaborates across sectors on projects transforming research into practical solutions. Leveraging advanced technologies, we aim to solve specific challenges facing society in partnership with other like-minded organisations.

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Collaborative solutions for manufacturing progress

Collaboration is at the heart of the MTC. By joining forces with various partners across multiple sectors, we deliver innovative solutions to address pressing societal challenges. We undertake diverse projects across different areas, including digital manufacturing and construction, leveraging advanced technologies like additive manufacturing and laser-based manufacturing plus many more to enhance productivity, quality, and sustainability.


Advancing UK manufacturers through digitisation & automation

The Digital Manufacturing Accelerator (DMA) aims to boost UK manufacturing competitiveness by developing and deploying cutting-edge digital and automation technologies. Located in Liverpool, DMA offers digital and physical testbed facilities to help companies of all sizes adopt new technologies efficiently and reduce risks. It fosters innovation, creates skilled jobs, and provides workforce training, enhancing manufacturing processes to be more agile, productive, and sustainable. The initiative ultimately drives significant advancements across the UK manufacturing sector.

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DMA production line


Together, we’re transforming construction

The Construction Innovation Hub's (CIH) serves as a pivotal collaboration for advancing innovation within the UK's construction sector. It aims to foster collaboration and integration across industry stakeholders, including government bodies, academia, and businesses. The Hub focuses on driving transformative change through the adoption of modern technologies, digitalisation, and sustainable practices in construction processes. Key initiatives include developing standardised approaches to building design, manufacturing, and assembly techniques to enhance efficiency and quality. The Hub facilitates knowledge sharing, research partnerships, and provides guidance on best practices to streamline project delivery and improve industry competitiveness. The Construction Innovation Hub strives to create a more resilient and future-proof construction industry, capable of meeting evolving societal needs and environmental challenges through innovation and collaboration.

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Construction innovation


Advancing UK manufacturers through digitisation & automation

The Smart Manufacturing Accelerator (SMA) promotes advancements in manufacturing through digital technologies and innovation. It serves as a platform to facilitate collaboration among manufacturers, technology providers, and researchers. It aims to accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing techniques such as automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. It provides resources, funding opportunities, and expertise to help companies integrate these technologies, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth. By fostering a network of knowledge exchange and support, SMA strives to strengthen the UK manufacturing sector's competitiveness and resilience in the global market.

SMA features the concept of Factory in a Box (FIAB) emphasising modular and portable manufacturing solutions. This innovative approach allows businesses to rapidly deploy production capabilities in diverse locations, leveraging advanced technologies like automation and digital connectivity. 

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Factory in a box

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