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Working across a diverse range of sectors, we provide innovative manufacturing solutions for organisations large and small and often transfer knowledge gained from one sector to another

We can help you manufacture faster, at a higher quality and lower cost, and provide support from both industry and academia. With our flexible support, world-class testing facilities and unrivalled technical knowledge we’ll help you develop world-leading manufacturing processes and technologies – whatever sector you’re in. Discover some of the sectors we work in below.

Power & Energy

Over 177,000 people in the UK are directly employed in this ever-changing sector (ONS, 2020), with low carbon and renewable energies seeing the biggest recent growth as the country strives to reach Net Zero. We can help with a wide range of challenges – from decommissioning in the oil and gas sectors to delivering new and advanced nuclear power, enhancing offshore wind power or developing low carbon hydrogen fuel cells. Our team contains experts in electrification, hydrogen, nuclear, wind, solar and tidal energy. 

  • Nuclear
  • Electrification
  • Hydrogen
  • Renewable energy
Engineers outside nuclear plant

Defence & Security

The MTC partners with government, defence manufacturers, and SMEs to modernise the defence supply chain using key technologies such as additive manufacturing and laser-based manufacturing. We tackle critical challenges like reshoring, flexible supply chains, workforce development, and rapid threat response. By driving manufacturing innovation, we boost production rates, shorten lead times, and reduce costs, delivering long-term value and sustainability to the UK defence sector through collaboration with key stakeholders.

Soldier reviewing security screen

Construction & Infrastructure

MTC is pivotal in transforming the UK construction and infrastructure sectors. By collaborating with academics, constructors, and supply chain experts, we address skills gaps, ageing infrastructure, and sustainability goals. We help the construction industry pool knowledge, share experiences, and solve problems. Our initiatives include aiding the water sector with greener solutions and enhancing road and rail infrastructure through data analytics and automation. We boost efficiency, safety, and sustainability, driving progress across these vital industries with innovative, manufacturer-led approaches.

  • Construction
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Water
Engineers assessing rail track


The UK aerospace industry has grown by 17% in the last ten years (2020, ADS) but needs rapid growth to meet global demands. Advances like urban air mobility and sub-regional air travel present exciting opportunities. Using technologies such as additive manufacturing and laser-based manufacturing, our aerospace engineering experts can enhance production capabilities, future-proof manufacturing processes, and aid R&D for next-generation aircraft, ensuring your organisation is prepared for these advancements.

Engineers working on aircraft aeroplane


Space is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, but times are changing rapidly and there are a number of challenges that will have to be addressed in the coming years in order to keep up with demands. A move towards “new space” – smaller, more accessible space assets used for commercial prospects – is expected, and we can help businesses gear up for this. Whether you’re looking to transition from bespoke to production scale manufacture of small satellites, want to refresh your supply chain development or need some support to access new technologies, our experts can help.

Space engineers working on a satellite

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