Qudo Soother
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QUDO™ soother


The Challenge

Qudo™ was founded by Nicky Bateman, a Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist with over 20 years’ experience specialising in Paediatrics. Having dedicated her career to improving the wellbeing of young infants and their families, Nicky wanted to understand more about the causes of persistent crying and discomfort experienced by babies visiting her clinic.

Through discussions with parents and time spent with their infants, Nicky discovered that whilst most used soothers, the majority of families reported these did little to solve the discomfort their child was experiencing. Combining extensive research with her experience as a practitioner, Nicky explored new designs for a product that sought to address the issues that infants were experiencing with current soothers, and would provide greater comfort and relief to babies suffering from persistent crying and colic.

The unique design aimed to mimic the action of sucking on a finger; a movement which supports the release of soft tissue in infants, and consequently the associated strain and structural tension that causes discomfort. Having established early-stage designs of the Qudo™ Soother with a product design house, Nicky approached the MTC for support with the next phases of the project.

The MTC's Solution

Upon engaging with the MTC, Nicky and her team took part in a Discovery Workshop, the aim of which was to create a product development roadmap aligned to the business’s aims and objectives. Central to this was refining the product’s design and subsequent plan for manufacture, whilst ensuring the product’s commercial viability.

The MTC’s Product Design team was then tasked with exploring both technical and aesthetic design requirements for the product, adapting the existing prototype for design for manufacture and assembly, to develop a solution that could be manufactured in the UK. This was an important requirement for the Qudo™ team, who were also supported by the MTC to procure a UK-based supplier for its packaging.

The MTC also advised on product design requirements to meet British Standards and worked closely with Qudo’s branding agency to ensure the design was distinctive and befitting of the soother’s unique position in the market. Once the final design specification was agreed, the MTC also supported with supplier and manufacturer screening and liaison, working closely with Qudo’s chosen manufacturer to refine the design and tooling requirements.

I’ve loved working with the MTC, and I’ve learned so much throughout the project. As an independent organisation, you know the advice that they give is only ever what’s best for the product and the customer, and the manufacturing experience and expertise that I’ve been able to access through working with them has been invaluable. It’s been a truly successful partnership.
Nicky Bateman, Founder - Qudo™

The Outcome & Benefits

Following the work with the MTC, the Qudo™ Soother design has been finalised and patented. Its unique shape, angle and density is formulated to softly rest on a baby’s upper palate to naturally relieve strains and structural tensions, whilst also proven to enhance an infant’s cranial rhythm, resetting and improving biological and physiological mechanisms.

Throughout the development cycle, MTC worked with the manufacturer to create iterative prototypes to support user testing, ensuring the optimisation of the product’s core functionality.


Distinctive shape ensures soother sits across the infant’s face comfortably without rubbing. It combines unique brand visuals and safety features, with grip points and option to attach straps to base.


Flat base of the knob is a unique feature of the Qudo™ Soother and aids stability when placed down on a surface, avoiding the teat coming into contact with unsterilised surfaces.


Its innovative form targets the required physiological stimulation when in use. Silicone material properties have also been tailored to optimise effectiveness.

This has been a fantastic project to be a part of and Nicky’s passion for the product was infectious from the start. Through the product design pathway, we’ve been able to develop something that is not only commercially viable, meeting the safety and quality assurance requirements but is also well-aligned to the brand’s identity and ethos. To know that we are working together to solve a problem that impacts so many infants and families globally, is something we are incredibly proud of.
Phillipa Davies, Senior Design Manager - The MTC