Case Study: Revolutionising traditional metal spinning
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Revolutionising traditional metal spinning

The MTC works with Primetals Technologies and the University of Cambridge to develop ground-breaking specialist machine to revolutionise the traditional world of metal spinning.

This collaborative way of working enabled a culture of co-operation, learning and innovation to be fostered.
Nick Champion, Head of Technology, Primetals Technologies

The Challenge

The purpose of this development programme was to upscale a laboratory concept for mandrel-free spinning, developed by the University of Cambridge, into a customer-driven and commercially relevant flexible forming machine. The main goals of this new spinning technology are:

  • Elimination of tooling costs
  • Rapid and low cost component prototyping
  • Advanced part geometry not currently accessible through conventional spinning

MTC's Solution

  • In partnership with Primetals, the MTC developed an 11 axis machine capable of spinning blank sizes of up to 2.5 metres
  • This machine is fully CNC operational. Currently, standard spinning machines are more reliant on manual operations as fully CNC variants are not available

The Outcome

  • Innovative machine concept based on fundamental academic research
  • Fundamentals of toolpath design addressed through ongoing university support
  • Commercially relevant up-scaled machine built and installed at the MTC
  • Successful partnering could form the basis for a future innovative collaboration model.

Benefits to the client

  • Integrated approach between Primetals Technologies, The University of Cambridge and the MTC to revolutionise the traditional world of metal spinning
  • The foundation of a UK capability in the design, development and commercialisation of novel flexible forming machines.
It was a fascinating project to work on due to the many aspects that had to be considered. Given the collaborative nature of the project it was always a pleasure to work on, even when presented with tough challenges.
Marie Wells, Advanced Research Engineer, MTC