Industry Leading Laser Technology
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Industry leading laser technology

The laser processing group at the MTC is here to accelerate the uptake of laser-based manufacturing, by addressing the main adoption barriers including automation, scale-up, efficiency and process qualification, to help improve customer profitability. In addition, the team also accelerate uptake by tackling other aspects of adoption including skills training, health and safety, lowering risk perception and building business cases for adoption.

We have a team of engineers and technical specialists who are available to answer your questions on all aspects of laser-based manufacturing. Our facilities and technology offering can be summarised into three key areas: surface engineering, advanced machining and material joining.


Advanced Machining

Within the advanced machining division, we concentrate on laser-based technology that enables the processing of advanced engineering materials that are hard to machine including superalloys and composites. We specialise in high-speed cutting, drilling of shaped and tapered holes with a high aspect ratio (20:1) and micromachining of complex geometry.

Surface Engineering

Within the surface engineering division, we concentrate on laser-based technology that enables top surface processing including texturing, cleaning, polishing, and shock peening for various applications ranging from functional surface engineering to surface preparation for joining. We specialise in high precision and selective surface processing on complex free-form surfaces as well as surface design including processing, analysis and testing to ensure it achieves the required surface functionality.


Material Joining

Within the material joining division, we apply state or the art laser-based welding, cladding and directed energy deposition technologies that enables the high integrity fabrication of materials ranging from metal to polymers of various thickness and sizes. We specialise in processing carbon and stainless steels, dissimilar materials (Al and Cu), transition metals (Titanium) and Nickel alloys. We offer process and applications development for production and capability acquisition, equipment validation and training and skills development using innovative process monitoring and sensing technologies. We also specialise in the design and application of shielding and tooling solutions and alternative technologies such as vacuum welding and laser arc hybrid.

Laser Processing Equipment List

The MTC is home to some of the worlds most advanced laser technologies, providing future industry leading capabilities. Within this booklet you can discover an array of equipment housed within our facilities, along with technical specifications. Launched in 2010, the MTC has been the hub for laser processing, laser surface texturing and water-guided laser systems for many organisations across the UK. If you require any further information about our equipment or facilities, get in touch by emailing


Laser Processing Case Studies

The MTC is part of the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, an expansive network of fellow Research Technology Organisations (RTO's) that work together to solve challenges faced by UK manufacturing.

By collaborating in this way, businesses can access and leverage experience, knowledge and ideas across sectors to collectively achieve so much more. It is this that enables the MTC to deliver end-to-end solutions and help SMEs to solve the challenges faced by the introduction of new technologies.

You can find out more about our recent work in the case studies below.

Laser Processing Projects

We’re constantly involved in large-scale projects that take bright ideas and convert them into viable processes that can be transferred into industry, and ultimately improve UK productivity.

Our project partners can push the boundaries of innovation, testing the practical applications in our workshop.

Discover more about our recent projects below.

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We can enhance your laser-based process development through support from other technical groups within the MTC such as design, tooling, digital engineering, metrology, materials engineering and physics modelling by offering a holistic end-to-end process development that will maximise output and de-risk your adoption for laser-based manufacturing.

You can use our facilities to make your first prototype or to do your initial production run supported by our staff before making your own capital investment decisions on laser-based manufacturing. Whether you are at the beginning of your laser-based manufacturing adoption journey or an advanced practitioner looking to improve your productivity or product offering, we can help you to shape your laser adoption strategy, mature your laser process, develop your laser technology and improve your workforce laser competency.


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