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Global simulation company Ansys becomes MTC member

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Visionary CAE/Multiphysics simulation software provider ANSYS, Inc. (“Ansys”) has joined the MTC as a Tier 1 member.

Global simulation company Ansys has worked with the MTC in Coventry on a variety of simulation projects and will look to further their work on collaborative R&D through the MTC’s CRP programme and other possible opportunities in UK and EU research bids to demonstrate the use and value of simulation tools, workflows, approaches and methodologies to industry.

For more than 50 years Ansys has been enabling innovative companies across industries to push boundaries using the predictive power of simulation. Ansys operates in a variety of spheres – from sustainable transportation to advanced semiconductors, satellite systems to life-saving medical devices. Ansys is one of the largest CAE/Multiphysics engineering simulation software solution providers in the world.

Ansys’ product portfolio matches the MTCs requirements to offer solutions that can be deployed across multiple themes and technology areas that boost digital toolkits and virtual manufacturing capabilities for products and process design, analysis and optimisation.

Ansys’ membership with MTC will create opportunities to demonstrate, simulate and predict state-of-the-art manufacturing process models through collaboration in physical technology areas, helping to mitigate risk and typical engineering challenges that can be taken up by non-experts – targeting right-first-time solutions and outcomes across the end-to-end product lifecycle.

It’s great to have an industry leading company like Ansys join the MTC as a member. The tier 1 membership will create opportunities to demonstrate, simulate and predict state-of-the-art manufacturing process models, and we look forward to enhancing this relationship.

Willem Denmark, Technology Manager, Physics Modelling, MTC

The array of products and drive for innovation and technology advancement, which MTC and Ansys share in areas such as electrification, additive manufacturing, digital twinning, AI/machine learning, will unlock further opportunities to influence the UK and global manufacturing, as well as extend existing MTC ecosystems.

There is also a further drive between Ansys and the MTC towards education, upskilling and democratisation of modelling and simulation tools and skills, which will be enhanced with the MTC membership.

Ansys has been working with the MTC on a number of projects, so it was a natural step to join as members. We are looking forward to seeing how Ansys’ membership with MTC will grow and seeing where our shared drive for innovation can take us.

Ben Meyer, Director, Application Engineering at Ansys

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