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Discover the power of laser with our precision manufacturing expertise

Our capability

Whether you’re at the beginning of your laser-based manufacturing journey or looking to progress your capability - we can help. 

As the UK’s Centre of Excellence for Laser in Manufacturing (CoE-LiM), we offer an unrivalled range of support; from defining the right process, whether that be macro or micro, right through to upskilling staff. Our network of experts will help you overcome your challenges and show you the benefits that laser-based manufacturing can bring.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and independent advice have helped hundreds of organisations (from SME to large multinationals) to transform their production processes, saving them time and money, and making them more sustainable.

Because we’re fully independent and supplier agnostic, you can rest assured the solutions we provide are the right ones for you and not influenced by any external commercial pressures.

Tian Long MTC

Meet Tian Long, our Laser Based Manufacturing Expert

Tian Long is a laser processing expert at MTC. Holding a PhD in laser surface engineering from the University of Manchester, Tian Long specialises in laser-material interactions for pulsed laser processing, surface metrology, and functional surface analysis particularly in tribology. He develops advanced laser surface processing technologies, including cleaning, polishing, and texturing. Tian Long's expertise is applied to industrial applications through various national and European collaborative projects.

Discover the benefits of laser-based manufacturing: 


Improve productivity

Laser-based manufacturing can significantly improve productivity for a range of processes including cutting, drilling, cleaning, texturing, cladding and welding. It can be focused and carefully targeted onto the material workpiece, allowing targeted processing and creating sub-micron level features.  


Increase profitability

The cost savings made from improving and speeding up processes using laser manufacturing soon offset the initial cost of the equipment. We’ll help you streamline your manufacturing processes using lasers, enabling your business to grow faster and more efficiently.


Reduce waste

Laser material processing improves sustainability as it eliminates tool wear and tear. Its precision and targeted processing also means fewer materials are wasted.

Our team of experts can guide you through the full potential of laser manufacturing

Advanced Machining

Surface Engineering

Material Joining

Our approach

A structure approach to supply chain strategy covering:

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Make vs Buy
  • Improving existing suppliers’ performance
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Creation of new supply chains
  • Supply chain digital transformation
  • Supply Chain innovation
  • Security, resilience & sustainability
  • Supply chain simulation & optimisation
  • Capability assessment
  • Supply chain culture and skills
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Sourcing new suppliers
  • Assessing new suppliers
  • Reshoring or onshoring from overseas
  • Sector supply chain analysis
  • Supplier Digital Road mapping
  • Training/Skills
  • Pivoting from one sector to another

A trusted partner

  • The UK’s Centre of Excellence for Laser in Manufacturing (CoE-LiM) with the widest breadth of laser technology available all under one roof in the UK
  • The only place that allows customers to assess the full process/product adoption lifecycle under one roof - from initial feasibility studies through to on-site support and training
  • Trusted, independent and supplier agnostic organisation with a strong reputation in the UK, and internationally, for technical and academic excellence in laser application and development
  • Excellent relationships with a broad network of laser users, laser manufacturers and laser trade bodies across the UK and Europe, with the ability to pull partners together to deliver throughout the supply chain
  • Significant, proven experience in the area with successful examples of supporting industry in taking processes from development to commercialisation  
  • Successfully delivered, industry-led, applied hands-on training across core laser processes
  • Access to a group of highly skilled engineers with a combined 300 years of industrial experience working across the entire spectrum of laser manufacturing: advanced machining, surface engineering and material joining



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