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Welsh industrial software developer joins the MTC

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        Innovative Welsh software developers join the MTC with flagship data integration platform.

        The MTC is delighted to announce that Control 2K have joined as new members.

        Established in 1999, Control 2K Limited is a leading Control Systems expert based in South Wales providing market-leading PLC training, systems integration services and innovative software solutions for the manufacturing sector.

        Control 2K has been working with the MTC on several R&D projects, using the Industreweb platform to connect and collect data within multi-vendor integration projects and automation prototypes, using its unique architecture to orchestrate complex operations across a range of machine languages and protocols.

        Membership with the MTC is going to be transformative for Control 2K, putting our software at the centre of some ambitious and exciting research opportunities with other members, as well as the wider manufacturing community. The MTC is at the heart of the UK and our partnership will enable us to reach out to a much bigger audience, benefit from the skills and experience of the MTC Research team and bring our own unique skillset to the table. We have worked closely with the MTC over the past three years and are hugely excited to see what new opportunities our membership will bring.

        Gash Bhullar, Managing Director, Control 2K Limited

        The collaboration between Control 2K and the MTC will focus on SME-driven use cases for the manufacturing industry, centred around interoperability, automation and control, custom data analytics, asset control and workflow management.

        Control 2K aims to provide future engineers with the skills and tools they need to manufacture change in a dynamic industrial environment.

        We are pleased to be welcoming Control 2K as a new member. We have already worked alongside Control 2K on high-profile collaborative research project where we took advantage of their deep technical expertise in the field of machine-to-machine communication as well as their flexible and adaptable attitude towards research that has proven immensely valuable in the ever-challenging world of research engineering. Moreover, Industreweb, their flagship connectivity product, happens to align perfectly with the MTC vision for horizontal and vertical connectivity in and around the manufacturing shopfloor. We are excited to have Control 2K onboard and we are already working on identifying the future projects that can benefit from their products and expertise.

        Lorenzo Stilo, Advanced Research Engineer, the MTC

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