Technical Solutions

Our Technical Solutions

The majority of our customers’ challenges, whether an SME or OEM, fall into one of the following three categories:

They want to make something

at a lower cost

better quality


in higher volume

they've never made before

The changing shape of production technology, combined with increasing customer demands are pushing companies to explore new manufacturing methods to make things better, quicker, more economically or more efficiently.

They want to assemble something

at a lower cost

better quality


in higher volume

they've never assembled before

Looking at developments in next generation robotics, in particular intelligent automation, allows us to demonstrate assembly functions that require multi-tasking and also reconfigurability, which should allow a step change in current manufacturing procedures.

They want to use data more effectively for

improved design

better quality

efficient logistics

new business models


With the exponential growth of Big Data, there is a tremendous opportunity to harness the power of this and create compelling business information. Used effectively, this can lead to cost reductions, faster and better decision making and quicker introduction of new products and services.

Manufacturing system solutions

From our extensive experience across a range of industry sectors, the MTC understands these challenges and the pressures faced by manufacturers.

We use our expertise to work hand-in-hand with you, developing manufacturing system solutions to solve your challenges for the short and longer term.

The MTC blends a range of services and world-leading technologies to provide a holistic approach, delivering the most progressive, productive outcome for your business. 

We are passionate about developing tomorrow’s industrial solutions and deploying new technologies on to the factory floor today.

We will always aim to:

  • improve your productivity 
  • reduce your costs 
  • embed innovative new technologies
  • de-risk the use of new technologies in your workplace
  • ultimately helping to accelerate the UK's industrial growth

Our technologies

Delivering ground-breaking solutions from core manufacturing techniques, through to embedding and implementing the future technologies that will be integral elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

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The MTC engineers have been working alongside our team. We’ve all been impressed by their modest attitudes and exceptional knowledge. As a result, we’ll be manufacturing components that couldn’t previously be made.

Jason Aldridge
Managing Director, Arrowsmith